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Jul 4, 2017
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1 Any Skin Type – White or Brown Skin – Asian/Indian & Chinese, Malaysian, Tanned European & Black African/Caribbean Skin – Young & Old
2 Lightens Naturally Dark Skin
3 Acne Scars & Dark Scars from Cuts
4 Lightens Skin Tanned By The Sun
5 Can Lighten Melasma & Chloasma Patches
6 Gets Rid of Freckles & Other Spots
7 Lightens Hyper Pigmentation
8 Lightens Liver Spots & Age Spots
9 Lightens Under-Eye Dark Circles
10 Evens Out Skin Tone
11 Lightens & Removes Mask of Pregnancy
12 Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
13 Works on Dry, Oily & Sensitive Skin
14 Safe on ALL parts of the body inc. face, neck, under arms, legs, hands, feet, stomach, back & intimate areas.
15 The result is ‘safe skin whitening’ once you have got the desired results you do not need to use it again.
Works Well on Sensitive Skin
If you have sensitive skin you have nothing to worry about – no side effects
Natural Permanent Skin Lightening Cream lightens any type of skin from brown pigmentation or patches on white Caucasian skin, to lightening lighter or darker skinned Asian skin or lightening light or dark skinned black people. It contains the prefect formulation to lighten any type of skin safely and naturally. You will never suddenly become lighter, it works gradually and when you have got the desired effect you can stop using it. So don’t be afraid that it might make you too light or give you light patches. It works all over the skin to make it even toned and will slowly turn you lighter and give your skin a beautiful radiant glow.
If you have sensitive skin you have nothing to fear, you can start off using just the cream once a day, and build up to using it 2-3 times a day.
Our skin lightening formula will help you naturally lighten your skin tone to your original tone or make it even lighter, you choose how much you want to apply, and then once you’ve got the desired results, you don’t have to use the cream again. Unlike other creams which you have to continue to use and waste money on. The cream does not contain any chemicals such as Hydroquinone which a lot of skins lightening formulas do. Hydroquinone can damage your skin that’s why our formula it is made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe and friendly to the skin. Keep reading to find out why our formula is the best you can get. We’re so confident that Natural Permanent Skin Lightening Cream Advanced 3-in-1 will work for you that we want you to use it for 90 days. Use it every day, twice a day and we guarantee you will see changes.
Call / Whatsapp
Dr sam: +2718338852
Expected results:
Within days: Skin looks brighter, more even toned.
In 8 Weeks: Discolorations and spots start to fade.
In 12 Weeks: Size of spots is diminished


Johannesburg, South Africa


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