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Jun 12, 2019
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We get thousands upon thousands and then some emails, user registrations, adverts like this, porn which people are trying to publish, nudes etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. and then some some more……………..

We have had such a Large/High Influx of People that Register but Never Publish and Advertise on the user account.

If you are one of those people Currently a user of ours or whether you are a Newbie to our Advert Site – Please publish your advert/s as soon as possible otherwise users that reflect with no adverts will be removed within 24 Hours to keep our servers running fast and not wasting resources and more time which we still currently try to keep 100% free but if this continues – we may then need to scrap the advertising site completely after doing it for people for free at our expense 🙂 Currently still trying to filter through everything while doing one of 7 jobs we do in a 28 hour work day – 6 days a week to get rid of the debt-demon we got ourselves into the past 25 years. You can thank and the singles because they are actually paying for this fancy server for all the singles – technically speaking, we run Eco27 and Ads27 for free on this server along side the Dating Platforms because it is extremely powerful 🙂 Then there is R 500 000 worth of software running on this server for Dating27 to work as well on top of the Server Fees to stay legal in licensing etc. by everybody on a yearly basis Microsoft etc.

Please have a look how much High-End Business Servers cost by 1-Grid where all our businesses depend on and see what we mean:



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