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Feb 14, 2018
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Am now very happy because i have no financial problems all thanks to Rev father john Elexander, since i met this company were i got my loan of (2million rands) which i use to bought my farm land, i live in Western Cape Town, South Africa,I have contacted a lot of loan lender but most of them are not real because all they do is to collect more money from people and never give them their loan but this company seems different,it was a friend of mine that introduce me to this company that she got her loan from the company and i have see many testimony on the Internet how the company use to help people all round the world no matter were you from, then i contacted them for my loan and they ask of my id card and my details so i submit all the document they ask of me and i also also paid for the transfer fee because they said i must pay that then i have no choice than to pay it because i know this company can not fail me,then after every thing i got my loan that same day…so i want to take my time to testify all round the world for this good loan lender the COMPANY HEAD QUARTER is in SOUTH AFRICA,they give loans in any afford-ability and i believe they can help you too like i am, so you can testify also, and i also pray that god will continue to bless them for their good works,COMPANY EMAIL VIA



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