Pit toilet or septic tank smelly or full? Services

R 15,000
Jan 9, 2019
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There is no need for expensive vacuum tanker pump-outs or to use dangerous chemicals!

Get rid of the bad smells (within 12 hours or less) and reduce the level of the waste without spending a fortune on vacuum tankers! Activate in ordinary tap water and simply pour down the toilet!

Bio-Activator is a natural, organic product which is safe for people, animals and crops. It is safe to use the toilet immediately after treatment.

It will not get rid of rubbish such as nappies, sanitary towels, plastic packets, etc, but it will ensure that the organic waste is quickly digested. Treat the toilet every month to keep the smells away and the level of the waste down.

The 100g first time treatment (R120.00) will get rid of the smells and start the process of reducing the waste. The 25g monthly maintenance treatment (R30.00) will keep the smells away and the level of the waste down.

These dosages are sufficient for a septic tank or pit toilet serving a household of up to 8 persons. The dosage must be increased appropriately according to the number of persons if more than 8 people use this toilet every day.

For more information see the Orders & Enquiries page at www.bio-activator.co.za for discounted offers on treatment packages.

Please phone or Whatsapp John on 083 239 8572 for an affordable solution, or email info@bio-activator.co.za.



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