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Sep 8, 2018
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Make your Birthday a Real Splash!!!

Have a “Scuba Diving Birthday Party” and have private use of our outdoor solar heated pool and tropical facilities. We will provide you with an experience that your kids will enjoy and never forget.

Kids get to explore our underwater shipwreck & discover its treasure chest

“Urban Dive Centre” is a 5 Star PADI facility and we specialise in the ultimate kids “Scuba Parties” and here is what we do!

Our Instructor has a short chat with the kids and they watch a 10 minute DVD which gets them better acquainted with scuba. Just before they dive in our instructor will explain how the equipment works and what will happen in the pool.

Our Dive Masters take over from here and the kids get kitted up and the“Fun” begins.
Depending on the amount of kids, they are taken down two or three at a time and take turns throughout the party, whilst the others are diving the rest get to swim with masks and snorkels.
Our Dive Masters explain step by step and are with them at all times therefore insuring quality dives. Once they are comfortable just below the water surface in the shallow end and want to venture further whilst in the capable hands of our Dive Masters they can descend to the deep end where they get to discover our… “Shipwreck and Treasure Chest”  which is filled with “Sea Jewels and Pirate Treasure”

The birthday boy or girl gets to open the chest on the first dive and then they play underwater games (frisbee & missiles). Half an hour before the party ends we will get the kids to climb out, get dressed and then it is cake time. On our grass deck over looking the Dive Pool we have a timberland jungle gym, trampoline, soccer net and basketball hoop that the kids can enjoy whilst not in the pool.



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