What are your advertising criteria?

Ads27 is a classifieds and advertising website for South Africans, by South Africans. We also believe that all adverts on this website should be honest and conform to a code of ethics based on respect and common sense.

That said, we only approve ads that are:

  • Posted by South Africans – no adverts with addresses/locations posted outside SA will be approved.
  • Relevant to South Africans
  • Transparent and seem like honest, REAL products or services.
Hey, my advert wasn't posted!

Keep in mind that Ads27 is a FREE service, run by a very small team in their limited spare time – we all work for a living. Allow for 24-72 hours for your advert/classified to be approved. If after that period your advert still does not show, the reason might be:

  • We missed it… oops, please contact us and remind us.
  • Your Advert wasn’t posted for South Africa, by a South African.
  • Your Advert was flagged as suspicious… you’ll be surprised how often that happens, and most of the time rightfully so.
Tell me more about Ads27

Well, the “Ads” bit is somewhat obvious, and the “27” is derived from South Africa’s international dialing code (+27).

After advertising on a few classifieds websites, we came to one conclusion: Most of them are ugly and overly complicated! So we started this website for the fun of it… nothing serious, no big financial scheme here 🙂

What's with the pricing plans, I thought you're FREE!

You thought right 🙂 Advertising on Ads27 is FREE! If however you’d like your advert to appear in the featured section, you’re welcome to purchase one of the packages.

South African? Why are the purchase plans in $USD?

Rest assured that we’re very much South African. Currently however we use PayPal as our payment gateway, and as PayPal does not allow for purchases in ZAR (Rand) just yet, we have to use the $ option.

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