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R 300,000
Sep 11, 2018
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Pretoria, arcadia

Earn R150,000 to R300,000 or more a year.

R200 to 45 000 a day or more (possible),

We are looking for you, to help and make it possible for you, If you are angry and hunting to a freedom of Money.

Are you a money maker but still want more for your future and that of your family? Or are you unhappy with your income? Do you have finical trouble and you cannot save? How are your expenses compare to your income? Do you have a Job or looking for one? Do you know there are thousands of people looking for the same position as you, do you know that this is the cause of unemployment?

Are you Aware that every year your daily expenses go up high in prices ( Food, Rent, clothing, petrol, transport……) but your income still the same, look back 5 years later how great was your income but now very less.

Are you aware that the poor are more getting poor and the richer are more and still getting rich, why? And How about you?

The secret is in your hand and you just need to wake up, once you have the knowledge you will know where comes the 38,34 % of the richest people’s income in the world like bill gate, Donald trump, Amancia Ortega, Jeff Bezos, Charles Koch, David Koch, Carlos Slim, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Ingvar Kamprad.

Believe that you can be that person you always dream about starting from now with us as being legal, legit “Stock Market College”

We give you the knowledge of making money or extra,  Quick trade

  • 1 You will be Having a direct trading with JSE not indirect where you invest and get a small % PA and end up with less while you can make millions with that. ( 97% of people have no idea about this but 3% only who are being rich day by day in SA include in the world )

With JSE directly you have: control, high Returns, low fees, liquidity of your money

But indirect you have: no control, low returns, high fees, no liquidity

  • 2 We open for you an account / live trading
  • 3 We give you training for a short period of time and while training you are making money already and trading, ( the training you get it in class or online anywhere any place, any time)
  • 4 We will give you our quality and advanced platform where you will be trading on even with you phone or tablet

(Training is to give you knowledge on how to use it and trading without any single mistakes, because it is money involved)

.    5 you will have a SB Stock broker, specialist somebody to Mentor you

If you are interested in making every day money for all your life and need more information:

Contact or email your details and we will reach to you: 0619362471 whatshapp or Email joseph517 ((consultant JOSEPH ISRAEL ).  Visit our webside:











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